What Make us Special?

Our coffee promotes: agroecological farming practices, Direct Trade and social organization.

And what is agroecology?

Many things have been said about Agroecology. Some scientists say it is a science, some technicians say it is a farming technique, and some social leaders say it is a social movement. For us agroecology is a way of life. This way looks for spreading out well-being in all:

  • Mother earth: through sustainable farming techniques as composting, crop rotation, ecological management of pest and diseases, and many others that help to conserve and remediate soil, water, air and other natural resources
  • Producers: through the design of farming systems that allow them to be more independent from external inputs, in addition agroecology support the creation of nested markets that make links between agroecological producers and people who support the way they produce
  • Consumers: through the access to goods produced more sustainably and the certainty that when they buy a product their money is not going to make richer the rich but fueling a more healthy economy.
  • Community in general: through the fact that agroecology is a real sustainable proposal to produce food and conserve natural resources. At the end, all communities –plants, animals and humans- are benefited for having a healthier planet. In addition Agroecology approaches the food production with a holist lens that takes into account the political, social, economic and cultural aspects of food production, this approach has the potential to propose inclusive, holistic and durable alternatives.

For all these reasons, the way in which we select the coffee bean of our blends, roast, and sell our coffee, is devoted to be coherent with the way of life we chose…

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Community Agroecology Network

Sociedad Científica Latinoamericana de Agreocología

Agroecology in Action

What is Direct Trade?

Direct trade is a form of sourcing practiced by some coffee roasters and vendors, referring to direct sourcing from farmers. We see Direct trade as an alternative to other certifications, and represents the interests of roasters, coffee vendors, coffee producers, researchers and activist who disagreed with elements of them, such as the fees involved in being a participating certified company, i.e. fees, dues, and surcharges, and want to build a more close and supportive relationship between the main actors involved in the coffee business: producers, vendors and consumers, avoiding middleman.

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What is social organization?

We think that one of the paths to improve our food system and push for its transformation and healing is the  conscious organization of all the people that think that another model is possible. In that sense, we, as coffee vendors, look to have strong ties of solidarity and respect with our costumers and with the agroecological coffee producers that kindly provide our coffee. Our coffee stall is a space to get together, talk, build community and knowledge,  get good coffee, and dream about a more sustainable and fair world.